Standard Booster Display of 60 (On the Edge) [Outlet]

Standard Booster Display of 60 (On the Edge) [Outlet]

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At the center of every conspiracy, shadowy figures make shady deals in a quest to reach incomprehensible goals. In the On the Edge CCG, you are one of these puppetmasters.

But you are not alone. Your goals may run counter to other conspirators. And on the island of Al Amarja, resources are limited. Vie for dominance. Recruit people to your cause. Locate strange alien technologies and use them to your advantage.

You are on the edge of victory, but every conspiracy has a breaking point.

Clandestine Maneuvers: Gameplay Basics

On the Edge is a CCG, so every pack is unique. The starter deck includes 60 cards, and a 40 card deck is needed to play. Collect multiple packs or expansions to create themed decks and increase play variety.

On your turn, play Resources and Characters. These cards can generate Pull, which allows you to recruit more cards, or Influence. Influence points are used to direct the fate of Al Amarja and win the game.

Whammies, secrets, environmentals, and gear can be used to modify resources and characters and turn the tide of the game. Attack other characters, engage special abilities of dubious alien origin, and take control of the island.