Welcome Retailers!

Quick and Easy Online Ordering

Friendly Local Game Stores in the US can place orders directly with Atlas Games. It works in two ways:

RETAILER RESTOCKS: Choose products from our Retailer Restocks list and get a 50% discount plus free/discounted shipping to your store, depending on your order's size. Check out our direct-to-retail sales terms at atlas-games.com/retailer.

FRIENDLY LOCAL GAME DROP: This limited-time program lets you sell games to your local customers that we dropship directly to them, at a 25% discount for you plus free shipping. Read the program details here. Please enter your customer's info as the Shipping Address in checkout, and their email address in the Notes field if they'd like a tracking number.

If you have any trouble, or want to order products not on these lists yet, please reach out to us at 763-489-8033 or sales@atlas-games.com.