Everway Book 1: Players [Restock]
Everway Book 1: Players [Restock]

Everway Book 1: Players [Restock]

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The hardcover edition with everything you need to play the EVERWAY Silver Anniversary Edition game.


  • Diceless, rules-light narrative game, great for introducing new players.
  • EVERWAY is a trailblazer of the modern indie RPG movement.
  • 204 full-color vision images for hero and quest creation.

It's been twenty-five years since the first release of the Everway diceless roleplaying game designed by Jonathan Tweet (D&D 3rd Edition, Over the Edge). Now it returns in this stunning new format for its Silver Anniversary.


It weighs in at a hefty 384 pages packed with full-color art, setting and quest maps, more than 100 new creatures, four quests, and new rules options. The Silver Anniversary Edition is the definitive version of this indie classic.