Everway Book 2: Gamemasters [Restock]
Everway Book 2: Gamemasters [Restock]

Everway Book 2: Gamemasters [Restock]

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The hardcover edition containing invaluable information for Everway gamemasters.


  • Invaluable companion to Book 1: Players, focused on the needs of the gamemaster.
  • More than half the book are examples of ready-to-run game material, including creatures and quests.
  • Use the book as a Fortune Deck by turning to a random page.

This full-color 400-page book dives deeper into how to run Everway games. It gives detailed guidance on how to run combat, handle wounds, design quests and realms, reward players with boons, and more. Numerous new rules options help gamemasters run games to their and their players' taste, and it includes 4 ready-to-run quests (each the length of a full module) plus 17 beautiful full-color maps for each quest's realms.