The Gloom Chronicles [Outlet]
The Gloom Chronicles [Outlet]

The Gloom Chronicles [Outlet]

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Journey through the woeful world of GLOOM!

In Gloom, you and your friends weave tales of woe. But where does your story begin? Each of the twenty cards in The Gloom Chronicles starts a new chapter in an ongoing, campaign-style series of Gloom games. The cards give narrative prompts that tie those stories together, and add variant rules that bring new challenges to the game.

The Gloom Chronicles is an expansion that enhances any game of Gloom, and can be combined with other expansions. Choose a card at random, or start at the beginning of the set story progression with The Unhappy Birthday. Will your family take a Tragic Train Ride, or visit the infamous World’s Unfair? Explore your own ignominious ending with The Gloom Chronicles!

Requires Gloom, is best played with additional expansions.