Songs of the Stone Age: The Stone Age Soundtrack (Planegea)

Songs of the Stone Age: The Stone Age Soundtrack (Planegea)

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Includes this material:

Volume 1: On the Hunt (Kinetic Action)

Volume 2: In Sacred Places (Mystic Wonder)

Volume 3: Through the Dark (Primordial Horror)

Sounds of the Stone Age (Ambient Tracks) COMING SOON

Star-Shaman's Remix (Remixed Tracks) COMING SOON

Enjoy the immersive, suspenseful mood-setting music of Songs of the Stone Age in your own Planegea campaign. Atlas Games has commissioned the Italian group Sonor Village specially for this project. They create exceptional soundtracks for cinema, TV, documentaries, commercials, jingles, books, and games. See their work on YouTube.

Songs of the Stone Age is a 5-album collection, including 18 music tracks (including the kinetic action version of the Planegea theme!), 18 ambient tracks (liked alarmed dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions), and 18 remix tracks bringing music and ambient tracks together into a comprehensive audio experience for your game table.